At the December 8, 2011 meeting, the Central Ohio Chapter voted to nominate Wilbur H. "Wib" Mechwart as Surveyor of the Past.
The Surveyor of the Past plauqes will be presented at the Annual Conference in February. (For more information on the annual conference,
visit the State PLSO website here)
Below are a few brief lines describing some of Wib's accomplishments in the profession. This information will be inscribed on the plauqe.
Wilbur H. “Wib” Mechwart
Wib’s legacy is of one of constant professionalism and accuracy in his work.
He personally mentored his field personnel in the art and science of surveying.
He served as Chairman on the Board of Registration for Engineers and Surveyors.
He was given an NCEES Distinguished Service Award for his work on the PS exams.
Wib was Recognized as one of the ten most respected surveyors in the nation.
As a founding member of PLSO, Ohio surveyors have a voice thanks in part to Wib.
For a more complete bio of Wib, click here.